“Chaitali’s sage guidance has taken me from (very) rough draft to submittable manuscript, not just once but several times.”

“Chaitali is a wizard at spotting what needs to be fixed, what needs to be added, and what needs to be discarded. She also shines as a counselor on the overall structure of the story.”

“I worked with Chaitali on my first book, a memoir that she helped me with from start to finish. It was invaluable to get her feedback during the process of writing, which she provided with tact and honesty in equal measure. Once the book was complete, she read it through again and gave me another round of comments that helped me to fine-tune and re-shape the narrative with an eye to larger themes and character development. Finally, when a high profile agent expressed interest, it was Chaitali that helped me craft a summary of the piece to send to her. The agent ended up asking for the entire manuscript. It is impossible to quantify the value of having a mind like Chaitali’s engaged in helping me to get this project ‘finished and out the door.'”

“Chaitali read my novel manuscript while she was my mentor in AWP’s Writer to Writer program. She gave me the most actionable, insightful comments I’d ever gotten on the manuscript. As a result, I had a clear plan to revise the opening and closing chapters, which were the highest priority, and the middle parts as well. As I revised, I kept Chaiti’s notes open in one doc and my manuscript open in another one, and followed her comments and suggestions like a breadcrumb trail that ended in a much more cohesive, satisfying version of my novel.”